Food Service

The Elite Management Group specializes in discovering new and innovative approaches to managing food service operations. We aim to create efficient systems of operations through technology, training, and continuing education. Our management structure creates a fluid process to provide ongoing support.

We place a huge importance on purchasing locally, and from small businesses. Wherever possible, we buy fresh, seasonal produce that is grown locally. We believe in utilizing the necessary processes to make our environment Green by reducing the carbon footprint from our strategic operations. From ordering and inventory to information access and storage, our food service departments are able to run more efficiently.

The Elite Management Group currently supports a wide array of industries from healthcare, to colleges and schools, and governments. Food court-type retail stores, full-service coffee bars, cafes, catering support, vendor services, and direct patient meals are some examples of our capabilities and specialties. Due to our satisfied client referrals our portfolio is rapidly expanding.

airport food management


As a provider of airport food management services, Elite Management Group understands the critical importance of nutrition and variety in a bustling travel environment.

We offer a range of healthy options, enabling travelers to make beneficial nutritional choices easily. Our services are inclusive of special dietary requirements, including food allergies, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options, ensuring every traveler’s needs are met with precision.

Elite Management Group designs its airport dining programs to enhance customer satisfaction while generating profitable revenue streams for our partners. Our team oversees the entire operation, conducting performance reviews and delivering profit and loss reports tailored to our client’s specifications. Our commitment to excellence in airport dining not only elevates the traveler’s experience but also positions Elite Management Group as a pivotal component in the success of today’s dynamic airport food service industry.


As an experienced food service provider, we know the value of nutrition. The Elite Management Group provides special dietary needs, including food allergies, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian meals. Our dining programs offer many different branding outlets for customer satisfaction and profitable revenue-based streams for our clients’ partnerships. Elite Management Group provides in-house catering to maintain the needs of all facilities and rooms to create an ease of streamlining orders. Our team manages the entire operations and provides performance reviews with profit and loss reports for our clients based on their preferences. Elite Management Group’s approach to hospital dining impacts all levels of your organization’s vision making you a successful player in today’s competitive healthcare industry.


The Elite Management Group has been servicing local corporate offices since day one. It is always our pleasure to serve great food in any corporate setting. With our team of chefs, eLite Management Group stays ahead of the culinary trends in the industry. In our corporate settings restaurant-quality food is prepared onsite daily by professional chefs, and creative menu choices are presented to please different tastes, appetites, and dietary restrictions. At Elite, we recognize the importance of financial results. Therefore, we provide national purchase pricing at local levels, corporate accountability, and technologies that drive efficiency and productivity. If you’re looking to add uniqueness, freshness, and quality to your corporate setting, contact Elite Management Group.


Elite Management Group is dedicated to transforming dining experiences in the entertainment sector, where vibrant atmospheres meet diverse culinary needs. We offer an extensive array of options that cater to various dietary preferences.

Our entertainment food management services are crafted to boost guest satisfaction and optimize revenue opportunities for our partners. We oversee all facets of the operation, from bespoke in-house catering solutions that simplify service delivery across venues to meticulous performance monitoring, providing comprehensive profit and loss reports tailored to each client’s specifications.

Elite Management Group’s approach in the entertainment industry is designed not just to satisfy hunger but to enhance the overall event experience, making each meal an integral part of the entertainment and a highlight of the visitor’s day.

elite management group


Elite Management Group excels in providing specialized food services to government facilities, understanding the unique demands and standards required in this sector.

Our government food management services are designed to drive customer satisfaction and create efficient, revenue-positive dining solutions for our partners. We manage every aspect of the operation, from in-house catering to streamlining service across various departments to conducting thorough performance evaluations, complete with detailed profit and loss reports tailored to our clients’ needs.

With Elite Management Group, government dining services are not only about meeting nutritional guidelines but enhancing the overall dining experience, contributing significantly to the productivity and well-being of government personnel.


Our dining program consists of a rotating monthly menu featuring gourmet deli-type sandwiches, artisan pizzas, fresh salad bars, and chef-inspired hot entrees. Our goal is to create healthy, fresh, appealing menus that each student and staff member will find nutritionally beneficial and appetizing. The prototype of our institutional spaces includes digital signage, mobile and online ordering systems, and kiosks where applicable. Each space is tailored to the institution’s branding, such as college mascots, colors, themes, regional locations, etc.